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Layflat photo books

From a once-in-a-life time holiday to a portfolio of work or your wedding day, we know that you want to tell your story in the best way possible. CEWE offers layflat photo book options to ensure that your big moments are printed with the highest quality.

With three photographic papers to choose from, you can make your layflat CEWE PHOTOBOOK as unique as your favourite memories.

Read on to find out more about layflat photo printing and how you can order your layflat photo book online.

What is a layflat photo book?

A layflat photo book is what it says it the name – it lays flat!

When you open your layflat photo book, there won’t be a gap or gutter between the pages, which allows you to create seamless double page spreads of your panoramic photos and impressive landscape shots.

Whether you’ve captured a beautiful sunset or have a large group photo that deserves to have everyone included, a layflat photo book allows you to showcase your photos without any disruption to the image.

Photographic paper types

If you want to design a layflat CEWE PHOTOBOOK, we have a range of high quality Photographic Paper for you to choose from. Which one will you pick?

Classic Photographic Paper

Classic Photographic Paper is the bread and butter of photographic papers, and will display your photos to the highest standard. The heavier weight and photographic feel of Classic paper makes it perfect for a professional portfolio or that extra special layflat photo book.

Gloss Photographic Paper

Gloss Photographic Paper brings out those bright colours in your travel snaps or shots of the great outdoors! If you prefer your photographs to have a glossy look, the high-gloss finish of this paper is a match made in heaven.

Matte Photographic Paper

With a smooth matte finish and a layflat binding, Matte Photographic Paper combines the beautiful feel of matte with the wow factor of layflat. Matte will also give your shots a crisp, artistic feel – perfect for black and white photography. It is also less likely to reflect light, allowing the finer details to stand out.

Our best-selling layflat photo books

Design a layflat wedding album

Our easy to use software provides complete creative freedom, allowing you to customise every element of your layflat photo book including themed backgrounds, Clipart, Highlights and text.

A wedding photo book can turn into a big project and you may want to dedicate a good amount of time towards creating it. To make sure that every detail is perfect, you can save your photo book as you go and take your time to create the perfect book– whether it takes a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks!

Simply open the software when you’re ready to get stuck in and your saved project will be there waiting for you.

Start Your Wedding Book
Award-winning wedding photographer Ed Godden

Recommended by the pros

Our photo books are the choice of many professional photographers – including award winning photographer Ed Godden.

“I chose a CEWE PHOTOBOOK for the stunning print quality and because they offer me the most choice when it comes to format, paper type and cover options.”

Ready to turn your digital photos into a beautifully professional layflat photo album? Click the link below to get started.