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CEWE myPhotos

CEWE myPhotos is an online cloud-storage platform where you can save the most beautiful moments of your life in just one place and relive them again and again from anywhere, with any device.


Organise your files with ease

Organising your photos is a breeze, your photos will be sorted into chronological order and arranged into a timeline, and the optional People, Places, and Objects smart features help you to easily find the photos you're looking for.

You have total control over the filing system.

  • Add your own star ratings to make it easy to find your best photos
  • Create albums and collections for different events and projects - such as weddings, holidays or weekends away

The system loads your photos at lightning speed, so you can easily browse your pictures and find the files you’re looking for in no time. And your first 15Gb of storage is free - simply log in to get started.


It’s Easy to Design Your Next CEWE PHOTOBOOK with CEWE myPhotos

  1. Save your photos with CEWE myPhotos
  2. Store all of the photos you need for your book in a collection or an event, e.g. the year 2020.
  3. Within your design, select CEWE myPhotos as the photo source and then your photos, event or collection, then you’re done.

Tip: Use our CEWE PHOTOBOOK assistant in the creator software, which will automatically design your book for you.

Share and collaborate with family and friends

CEWE myPhotos supports the secure sharing of photos, videos and projects with your friends and family. You can edit your own security settings, collaborate on a photo book project with others, or simply collect all the images from one event in one place – even those taken by other people.

  • Create unique, secure links to share your albums via email or messaging
  • Create passwords for your shared albums for trusted friends to use
  • Invite family and friends to upload their photos to shared albums
  • Limit access to shared albums with time restrictions
  • Share your albums publicly to show off your best work

Secure Photo Storage Made Smart

Use the advanced settings in CEWE myPhotos to identify faces, recognise places and label objects in your photos so that you can easily search your image storage for the right photo.

  • Facial recognition means you can quickly find stored photos of specific people.
  • Search locations and find all of your photos from that area quickly with geo-location data.
  • Use object recognition for quick categorisation.

Keep Your Memories Safe and Secure

Your photos are just that, yours. All of the photos and videos you choose to save to your CEWE myPhotos account are encrypted and 100% private. CEWE’s data centre follow European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) for your peace of mind. We’ve designed backups to be an integral part of the service so you’ll never again lose your most important photos.